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A ministry is a way to serve the church and parish community. There are many ministry opportunities for everyone. You can use your skills and passions that fits your personality to get involved in the church's community and strengthen your faith.

What is the Gabriel Project?

Gabriel Project – Please call the office for more information. 

The Gabriel Project® is a parish based crisis pregnancy intervention within the Roman Catholic Church. It has also spread into many Protestant parishes and church communities.

A Sign of Life is placed in front of the church stating that the people of that parish community will 
provide help to pregnant women. All the new 
mother has to do is call the number on the sign and the process begins.

The Gabriel parish community has made a commitment to respond to the mother’s needs. 
The process is very flexible within each parish enabling unique local situations to be addressed. 
The mother’s needs are met with love, respect and confidentiality.

A trained mentor, called a Gabriel Angel, is responsible for on-going contact and as a liaison for assistance for the mother in crisis. Through the Angel, the Gabriel parish community accepts the expectant mother with unconditional love. Parish members fill the role of the Good Samaritan. They make sure the Mom receives love and care. Parishioners provide spiritual, emotional and material support as needed throughout the pregnancy and beyond.

Jesus taught, ”…Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” (Mat 25:40). It is in this light that Gabriel parishioners love and assist women experiencing a crisis pregnancy. This love is a 
witness of the infinite and healing love of GOD. 
The Holy Spirit works through the parishioners to evangelize and to educate the expectant Mom 
and/or her family.

The Gabriel Project® is grounded in prayer. We realize that the most important gifts we have to 
offer the Mom are the gifts offered to all by Christ Our Lord. To quote Fr. Stephen Imbarrato who founded Project Defending Life in Albuquerque and introduced the Gabriel Project® in New Mexico, 
“The Gabriel Project® is about saving souls…
one soul at a time.”

The Gabriel Project is committed to:• Offering hope and support to mothers and fathers faced with a crisis pregnancy
• Provide assistance in a confidential and non-judgmental approach
• Strengthening families so children can grow in a nurturing home
• Providing an example demonstrating a Respect for Life
• A life affirming alternative to difficult, unplanned pregnancies

What is Rachel's Vineyard?

Rachel's Vineyard is an organization that conducts retreats to help women and men who suffer from the fact they have had; or, participated in an abortion. Parishioner's from the Basilica of San Albino proudly work beside others from the Diocese of Las Cruces to conduct these retreats in the area.

The following three paragraphs are from the Rachel's Vineyard web site and provide an introductory description of their retreats.

Rachel's Vineyard is a safe place to renew, rebuild and redeem hearts broken by abortion. Weekend retreats offer you a supportive, confidential and non-judgmental environment where women and men can express, release and reconcile painful post-abortive emotions to begin the process of restoration, renewal and healing.

Rachel's Vineyard can help you find your inner voice. It can help you experience God's love and compassion on a profound level. It creates a place where men and women can share, often for the first time, their deepest feelings about abortion. You are allowed to dismantle troubling secrets in an environment of emotional and spiritual safety.

Rachel's Vineyard is therapy for the soul. Participants, who have been trapped in anger toward themselves or others, experience forgiveness. Peace is found. Lives are restored. A sense of hope and meaning for the future is finally re-discovered. 

Please go to the Rachel's Vineyard web site by clicking on the Rachel's Vineyard button or image in the upper right.

Rachel's Vineyard

Local Contact
Phone: 575-636-9716
Phone: 575-640-5080

Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a way of following God’s plan for achieving and/or avoiding pregnancy. It consists of ways to achieve or to avoid pregnancy using the physical means that God has built into human nature.

Advantages of NFP

  • Achieve pregnancy naturally
  • Postpone pregnancy naturally
  • Billings Ovulation Method of NFP is the most scientifically researched method
  • Billings Ovulation Method of NFP is easy to learn - 4 simple rules
  • Increased self-awareness and knowledge of your fertility
  • Increased reliance on your own resources rather than a family planning program or other sources of contraception
  • Increased independence from costly or distant medical services
  • Freedom from artificial substances and the side effects or potential medical risks of other methods
  • Reduced re-supply costs associated with commodity-based methods
  • Enhanced communication and intimacy with partner
  • Encourages male involvement in family planning
  • The ability to adhere to Roman Catholic teachings